How to Buy a Pair of Walking Shoes

These Shoes Were Made For Walking!

Walking Shoes are the single most important piece of equipment you’ll need if you’re a keen walker, so it’s important that you get the right walking shoe with a proper fit.

It’s no good buying the cheapest, they won’t give you the correct amount of support, but on the other hand it’s no good buying the most expensive or the most popular, it’s got to be the right type of walking shoe for you, your feet and your walks.

Walking Shoes – How Far Do You Walk

Walking Shoes for short distances, taking the dog for a quickie around the park every morning before work or just the occasional Sunday afternoon stroll. If this is what you need your walking shoes for then a pair of lightweight trainers should do the trick.

Walking Shoes for those who walk long distances however, you know the sort of person who goes on an all day hike every weekend just for the hell of it, well, those walking shoes will need a little extra cushioning for comfort.

Walking Shoes – How Much Do You Weigh

That’s a bit personal isn’t it, and although if you go to buy a pair of walking shoes in a “proper store” and seek the advice of an expert, they won’t ask you your weight (they won’t need to, they’ll be able to see just by looking at you), but they will advise you on the best walking shoes for you.

Another question which you need to ask yourself when buying a pair of walking shoes is how you walk . . . well, I generally put one foot in front of the other and that works pretty well . . . no, I mean do you overpronate? Well, if I do I’m sorry and I’m sure that I can get some cream for it.

Walking Shoes for Overpronators

Overpronators do not need cream or to apologise for making unsociable noises . . . it’s just how they walk. If you overpronate your ankle will roll inwards on each stride and then continue to roll inwards and downwards throughout the step.

The only problem is that if you overpronate you will be putting extra strain onto your ankles, shins and knees, so you need motion control walking shoes which have a stiffer heel and a bit of extra support so that your foot can’t physically roll too far inwards. If you walk “normally” then you won’t need this type of motion control walking shoe.

Let’s now look at a few more details you need to take into consideration when you’re buying a new pair of walking shoes.

Walking Shoe Fit – go to the best store in the area where all of the really serious runners and walkers go to buy their shoes, that way you’ll know that there’ll be a proper expert to help you, somebody who will actually take the time to make sure that you buy walking shoes which fit correctly rather than a “gum chewer” who just wants to take your money.

If you get the right fit of walking shoe the first time, then you’ll know what to look for when they need replacing and will have the confidence and knowledge to maybe visit a discount store or shop online.

Walking Shoes should be pretty flat with no flare. The heel should measure no more than one inch higher than the sole, although some running shoes have a higher heel for runners who maybe strike mid-sole. Walkers don’t need that.

Walking Shoes need to flex as you walk, otherwise your foot will be constantly fighting with the shoe to try and bend it which can result in shin splints. You should be able to twist them, and they should bend only on the ball of the foot, not halfway through the middle of the arch.

Walking Shoes don’t have to cost the earth. If you buy the most expensive walking shoe that you can find there’s a good chance that you’re following a fashion trend instead of buying the best walking shoe for your needs.

You should pay somewhere around the $60 – $90 mark, if you pay less then you’re probably getting a pair of “knock offs” which won’t offer the same comfort, if, however, you can buy some walking shoes during the sale then you’re on to a winner.

Need a little more information on how to buy a pair of walking shoes? Well, you can find more information on walking shoes here.

Of course, if you wanted to “up the pace” a little from walking to running, you might need a pair of these!

Alison certainly likes them.

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