Speed Ladders: Using a Speed Ladder to Increase Foot Quickness

Speed ladders have a lot going for ‘em. They’re versatile, they’re easy to set up, they’re economical, they’re durable and they’re a great way to increase your foot quickness. Everyone can help to increase their “nimbleness” by doing a few simple speed ladder drills and exercises.

That’s right, now just lay it down!

You don’t even need a speed ladder in order to take part in speed ladder exercise routines, you can simply mark out the ground if you don’t have a speed ladder available (remember Hop Scotch in the school yard . . . it’s along the same lines). How about simply laying a regular ladder along the grass, that way you won’t be able to cheat and stand on the lines (plus you’ll have to lift your feet and knees a little higher).

When you first start to take part in speed ladder drills you’ll be forgiven for getting your feet in a bit of a tangle, but if you start off slowly and then gradually increase your speed you’ll soon be amazed at just how nimble your feet have become simply by repeating certain moves, jumps and hops.

Speed ladders (or agility ladders as they are also known) really can help to increase your speed and your agility which are skills which every athlete needs . . . and also comes in handy when you’re walking.

You can learn more about speed ladders here.

Speed Ladder Drills to Increase Foot Quickness

There’s certainly no shortage of speedladder drills and exercises which can help to increase foot quickness, some are pretty easy . . . some might take a while before you really get the hang of them. Here are a few examples but remember . .. practice makes perfect.

Speed Ladder In and Out – this one’s easy peasy and great for starters – face the rungs of the ladder and jump in with your feet together, then jump out again, them jump in again, then jump out again . . . rinse and repeat.

Speed Ladder Lateral Drill – many people find it a little more difficult to move from side to side, so here’s a great lateral drill which you can practise on the speed ladder. There are loads of variations but this is probably the simplest . . . stand before the ladder with the rungs in front of you, then jump in with your feet together, then jump to the left, then jump back into the rungs, then jump to the right, then jump back into the rungs . . . rinse and repeat tons of times.

That’s just a couple of examples, but once you start to practice some speed ladder drills and see how much your footwork has sped up, you’ll probably be able to think of loads of new exercises and drills yourself.

I know it says that these speed ladder drills are for basketball, but it really doesn’t matter, they’re all designed to have the same effect . . . increase foot quickness and agility. How’s that for a load of great examples?

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